He quit his job to build affordable homes in Ghana | FAQs on Ghana Real Estate | BONUS at the end!

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Ghanaian entrepreneur quit his banking job to build affordable homes in Ghana. In this video, we speak with the learned Kwame Obeng Adjinah who is building affordable homes in Ghana for public sector workers. We discuss how he is able to build using standard construction materials at affordable rates and why he chose this path. Kwame also helps us answer so many of the frequently asked questions on Ghana’s real estate market. Why it’s expensive, priced in dollars and so many others. This video also has a BONUS tool at the end that will save you thousands of cedis and dollars on your real estate purchases in Ghana.

00:00 Intro
01:47 Why affordable housing
04:03 Why developers avoid affordable housing
06:20 Why real estate in Ghana is expensive
09:28 Why do we keep importing building materials
10:45 Why Ghana real estate is priced in dollars
14:20 Why mortgage interest rates are so high in Ghana
18:28 Affordable Housing Projects
20:58 How much it costs
26:00 Mid-end and High-end projects
29:18 BONUS tool
31:26 Best part of the BONUS tool - save money on your real estate purchases
33:08 How it saves you money

If you are interested in some more information or would like to be included on Kwame’s waitlist you can contact Wood Acres Limited directly here:

Phone number 1 : 0545293288
Phone number 2 : 0246309240
Email : info@tenementz.com
Website: www.tenementz.com

Instagram :Tenementz official
Twitter : @Tenementz
LinkedIn: Tenementz_
Facebook: Tenementz_official
YouTube: Tenementz

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