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In this video, we continue our conversation with Akosua Obeng, a partner of the architectural firm Orthner and Orthner Associates.

We talk through the pricing on the project we toured with her last week. You can check out the video here in case you missed it:

We also discuss their Pata4two concept, a concept for a new affordable housing type that acknowledges both, the past and its traditions and embraces the future needs of a growing, sophisticated middle class. The design follows the three main principles learnt from traditional buildings: it’s small, simple and local.

This is a 3 bedroom house built with rammed earth and earth blocks, at an estimated cost of $20,000. The pilot project is almost completed. It is not on sale yet but you can join the waitlist here:

00:00 Recap of last week’s tour
01:32 Pricing on last week’s project (timber & earth home)
02:35 Age of property
03:46 Cost of building a 1 bedroom using timber and earth
06:10 Pata4Two Concept ($20,000 3 bedroom house)
14:46 Working with Orthner & Orthner: Contact & Process

If you would like to contact Orthner & Orthner Associates:

Phone number 1: +233 +302 544 069
Phone number 2: +233 +243 827 037

Facebook: @OOAGhana
Instagram: @ooa_architecture

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