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Ghanaian veteran designer uses raffia palm to build affordable homes in Ghana. In this video, we talk with the awe-inspiring Ophelia Akiwumi, founder of Art Deco and the Orangery about building with raffia palm, her process and so many things in between. We walk through her first raffia building, a 2 bedroom house and learn about raffia palm as an alternative construction material for our homes.

00:00 Intro
00:33 Meet Ophelia Akiwumi
01:50 Exterior shots and origin story
03:51 Kitchen, open space & furniture making
06:30 Construction speed
06:46 Dining area, Ventilation
09:00 Public Response
10:11 Living area, artwork and decor pieces
12:17 Upstairs tour (Bedrooms)
12:43 Roof, electrical and plumbing work
13:37 Ceiling, how high you can go, mindset shift
14:30 Bedrooms tour
15:52 Cost
16:32 Property shots, Fire resistance, termites, flooring, prefabrication, insulation, foundation
21:16 Pricing
24:34 Interior decor and furniture making
26:32 How much cheaper is this
27:04 Contacts, Outro

If you are interested in acquiring one of these units or looking for some more information you can contact Art Deco directly here:
Phone Number: +233 302 233 886
Email Address:
Instagram: @orangeryghana

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