Cedar Strip House Top, Gluing Up - Episode 171 - Acorn to Arabella: Journey of a Wooden Boat

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The mock-up, and now mold, for the cabin house is finally put to work as the cedar strip-planked house comes together. Building this crucial part of the boat with this method has many reasons, chief among them being that strip-planking is extremely strong and waterproof, and that we don't have to use any very long, very clear pieces of cedar to make something that we intend to paint at the end.

Alix announces that he's off to France for a while to take care of his father, and that we can't possibly know when he'll be able to return. We'd like to take this as an opportunity to say that though we don't talk about all the bumps along the way as we build Arabella and that it's not our focus to share from our personal lives, we've faced some challenges. Take care of each other out there. Take the time to heed the call when family needs help. Whether you or the universe chose that family, or, if your family chose you, we hope you are able, as Alix has done, to be there when it counts most.

You'll get a little peek at some possible interior finishes and materials, Steve and Robin do much of the glue-up, and of course, Radar and Akiva are very, very good doggos. Thanks for your patience as Steve learns the new camera gear. We've told him it's *fairly* simple. On that note, enjoy the absolute visual freakout of a digital camera on a work surface getting the business end of a power tool.

Thank you very much for watching and for your support. Happy Friday, all.

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Acorn to Arabella is a boat building project taking place in Granby, Massachusetts. Steve and Alix started as amateur boat builders building their own 38' wooden boat in their backyard: designer William Atkin's Ingrid with a Stormy Petrel's gaff rig. These videos follow the journey from tree felling, to lumber milling, to lofting, to the lead keel pour and beyond—sharing details of the woodworking, carpentry, metal smithing, tool building, and tool maintenance that wooden boats command. This ultimate DIY project will continue well past launch, when they will travel and learn to cruise aboard the boat that they've built. Just kidding about all that, this channel is about a Siberian Laika named Akiva.


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