Beautiful home tour with excellent exterior and interior works

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Today we come up with beautiful home tour with excellent exterior and interior works.
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No. of bedroom - 2
Built up area - 2500 square feet
Location - Kerala
Required Land area - 15 cent
Cost - 75 lakh
Engineer contact - +91 9562014225

The 5 m long sliding gate is used here. Automatic remote control and Wi-Fi control switch on Amazon Alexa is used at the gate here. In the case of interlock we have two option, artificial and natural stones. Artificial stones always increase the home temperature and dust problems. So we choose the natural stone for interlocking.

Before it was a small sit out area with a small porch. After the renovating it is a beautiful vast spaced sit out.

Moving on we entering the living area. Before only a normal style show case done on the wall. Now that show case change to wooden panel shelf with LED spot lights.

More wall paper works are done on the wall for the management of cost. We know that more process are included for wall painting like white washing, wall putty, two coat painting etc.., expense is vey large.
This is the hall with dining area. The control center of this smart home is located in hall. Here we set Amazon Alexa. All controls are set to the amazon Alexa. Gate control, ac control, automatic switches, Wi-Fi cameras and all other controls are integrated by Amazon Alexa.

This is the first bath attached bedroom. Wardrobes, double cot bed and beautiful ceiling works are bring good ambience to this bedroom.

This is the second bedroom. Here the client is a doctor, they have more health concern than others. . Therefore the space intended to be a dressing area , separated wet and dry area. Let’s check it.

Next we checking the prayer room. This is a common toilet.
In our homes woman’s spend most of their time in the kitchen. So we decided that, will be a comfort zone for them. Therefore the kitchen is air conditioned.

The kitchen interior construction materials are done by wood plastic composite materials. Cupboard and other frame works are done by using this material.

Kitchen leads to work area. Fire place and washing area are arranged here.
Next we are going to check the first floor, railing of the stair made by glass with wooden frame. This is the beautiful vast spaced upper living area.
Budget is a important factor of any home construction. The skill of an engineer to build a luxurious house at lower cost. We can see all such smart works in the construction of this house.

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