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We're in over our heads as we attempt to build an off grid Cabin alone in the woods...Thanks to Rad for sponsoring today's video https://www.radpowerbikes.com/tyler&todd We've been living the Cabin Life in Canada for the last year has been an adventure, join us every Sunday as we work to tame this wild wonderful off grid land and build our dreams. Living alone in the woods comes with it’s challenges and woods but with a little patience and some research there isn't a DIY challenge we aren't up for...it really goes get better each day! #aloneinthewoods #cabininthewoods #offgrid

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Life in a Tiny House

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Who are we?
We're Tyler and Todd, a married couple from Canada that had been traveling across the USA in our self-renovated tiny house on wheels with our two dogs, Charlie and Eddie. We’ve been living full time in our RV since 2019 but we have dreams of building something a little bigger for our family...enter building our own home, off-grid in the Canadian FOREST! Join us every Sunday as we explore the world from an alternative living perspective...whether it's van life, rv life, or living in a tiny home, we're down for an adventure!

How did we get here?
After a year of full time travel living the vanlife, we had to adapt when the world changed. To keep busy we’ve converted our tiny house on wheels into a fully functioning off grid tiny house that has everything we need. Realizing that none of us know how long this new normal will stick around, we made the decision that building a home here was the best decision we could make. We've spent the last year doing EVERYTHING involved with coordinating and planning the build ourselves as well as setting up this off grid property to be able to provide us with the the food we'll need in the future. Hit with constant delays and building price increases, realizing our dream of building our own home has taken longer than anticipated. With travel starting to reopen again, we've learned so much about the importance of having a home base. and are excited to continue our build this dream here while also doing what we love most, exploring and seeing the world!

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