This DIY Floating Staircase Has a Special Trick

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In this video, my wife and I DIY install this stunning and super modern floating stair system from Viewrail. Watch to the end to see my special trick that makes this a stairway to heaven!

(00:00) Intro
(01:10) Stringer Prep
(01:52) Installation Instructions
(03:21) Attaching the Top Plate & Bottom Plate
(03:47) Attaching Tread Brackets
(04:29) Wire Prep
(04:56) Wiring for LED Tread Lighting
(05:32) Lifting the Stringer
(06:03) Explaining My Winch System
(06:50) Installing the First Tread & Platform
(07:36) Installing LED Underlighting
(08:09) Installing the Thick Treads
(09:55) Installation Recap
(10:15) Beauty Shots of Viewrail FLIGHT
*This video is a partnership project with @Viewrail #viewrailflight #flight

Get an estimate on Viewrail's website in as little as 60 seconds with their FLIGHT Price Calculating Tool!"

--- Products We Used ---

FLIGHT stair system:
Solid wood stair treads:
Onyx rod railing:

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