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A Story about the challenges of a young man with mental health issues. This film was made by Paul McKenzie with young people during a 1 week half term holiday period.

Working with young people and understanding the complex lifestyles and ever-increasing demand for a reduction in violence on our streets. Filmmaker Paul Mckenzie and the young people choose to address the mental health issue. So many young people are displaying early signs of mental health challenges and it this that has inspired the making of the short film SICK.

Paul and his team took seven young people over the half term and embarked on a massive film project to highlight the need for more focus on mental health, we didn’t use knives, we didn’t need guns, all we needed was a passion to change the narrative and a drive for change. This short film not only shows that we can all support, but it also shows that we are all one.

Mental health is on the increase with our youth. We need to address this and start supporting them.


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