Sci-Fi Short Film "Control" presented by DUST

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"Control" written and directed by Carroll Brown

After the death of her companion, a scientist is trapped by herself on an outpost near Jupiter begins to imagine, or realize, that she is not alone after all.

Full Synopsis:
Mission Specialist Elizabeth Henstridge thought she knew the risks when she was selected as part of a two-person crew on an exploratory mission to Jupiter's moon Callisto. What she didn't expect, what nobody expected, was that her companion would die, leaving her alone 600 million miles from home for almost three months until the relief crew would arrive. Grief, that all it is when she is suddenly awoken by a knock on the station door? And Mission "Control" back home isn't helping, not when they are complaining about how she handled the body of her companion, and definitely not when they start responding in real time despite the two-hour signal delay between Jupiter and Earth. When "Control" reveals that it may not be who she thinks it is, Elizabeth begins to question her sanity, and her safety.

A message from the filmmaker:
The core idea for Control came from a story I had read about a woman scientist at an Antarctica station that had to perform a biopsy on herself after falling ill in the middle of the Antarctic winter when no help could be flown in. I tried to imagine the fear, the sense of isolation, the panic. I wanted to ramp all of that up to an exponential degree, and decided to set the events on an outpost so remote that even just talking to home was a delayed experience; these are the harsh realities of space and physics. Playing with the idea, I had the idle thought "what if suddenly they responded in real time?" and I was off to the races.

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