Roof Framing- Cutting and Stacking the Lakeshore Project

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In the previous video, we set all the beams, rolled ceiling joists and finished prepping everything needed to frame this roof. In this video, we get into the actual roof framing. Cutting all the rafters and then how we go about stacking the roof efficiently with 2 framers.

Our roofs are typically framed with 2x12 Douglas Fir and we can easily order up to 24' lengths kiln dried. Before lumber prices skyrocketed in summer 2021, I could order 26' 2x12 DF KD without a major price jump.

You might be wondering, why are you hand cutting a roof? Wouldn't trusses be faster or less expensive? I got a truss bid in fall 2018 for this same house plan and the price was higher than the framing materials here for the roof. When we factored in the labor of Kyle and me cutting and stacking this roof versus setting trusses, we confirmed this is actually less expensive for us. If we had a third framer it might change, but 2 guys rolling 42' common trusses would take awhile plus we have to frame in all the valleys anyway.

Since we work directly for the GC ( building spec homes, we prefer open attics and the ability to vault ceilings inexpensively and add features like the primary bedroom ceiling in this house.

Thanks for watching.

Please remember, I’m not showing the best way of doing something, just what works well for us.




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