New Construction Issues to Look Out For, Things Have Been Getting Weird

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New Construction has thrown me for a bit of a curve ball since the beginning of 2020. The builder contracts are changing and they are also hiring buyer reps-that legally work for them, and are not bound to the licensing ethics that is required for Realtors.

Buyer Specialists and Reps that work for the builder, legally work for the Builder, not the BUYER. A Buyer rep that is a realtor with a signed contract with the buyer legally works in the buyers best interest, not the builders or the transactions. It is a small difference in the contract but makes a significant difference regarding your representation.

Most of the time, buyers have no idea about the differences; until it is too late. If a problem comes up, you want someone to legally represent you and your interest and not someone with a title that alludes to being a buyer rep but legally works for the other party.

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