My biggest pond ever-the new 36" Godzilla bucket on the Bobcat e42 mini excavator PART 1

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DAY 1 of starting this new pond project with my new 36 inch mini excavator digging bucket, aka 'the Godzilla bucket,' and my bobcat e42 R series mini excavator. Join me in the cab and for some time lapse videos and my buddy Mark is going to be joining me today with his compact tractor to move some the the good dirt that I stockpiled for him from this pond project. This pond building project is part of a larger land management plan that Mark has been implementing on his rural Southern Illinois farm for the last several years now. This pond will accomplish several goals: A) divert a runoff ditch from a farm field into this pond, which will dry up a part of the farm field. B) catch water from another major ditch runoff and slow the water and erosion below the new pond. C) Create a new crossing with a culvert pipe around the pond. And D) Will create a new permanent watering source for wildlife diversity. I hope you enjoy this project and stay tuned for the next parts coming out very soon. And as always if you enjoy our content please hit the Like button and share it to help us grow our very diverse land management and country living family on our Channel. Also consider subscribing and hitting the Bell icon to get notifications about our daily videos and projects including land management projects in Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky, Bobcat mini excavator projects, Bobcat T650 CTL skid steer projects, Kioti tractor projects, old home rehab projects, DIY rustic barn wood projects, buying land, selling land, flipping land, land improvements, light excavation, modern homesteading, and much more country living adventure. Thank you. Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time.

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