Minecraft | 14 Must Know Starting Tips For Building a City

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14 must know tips for building a city in minecraft. These are some simple starting tips to think about when building a city in survival minecraft. 14 simple tips to improve you city building and planning in minecraft.

This minecraft video will guide you through the process of building a city in your survival and give you some important tips to consider when you start planning your next big build.

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00:00 - Intro
00:32 - Paths and planning tips
03:03 - Tips to consider when building houses
08:16 - Roof designs and shape tips
10:38 - Tips to think about for colour palettes
12:40 - Tips for adding small details to builds and your city
14:38 - Interior ideas and tips

Video Info

► Minecraft 1.17 Java Edition
► Texture Pack: BlueNerd Vanilla Basic (Download Available on Discord )
► Shaders: BSL Shaders
► Music: EpidemicSounds.com

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