Is The "Hot Housing Market" Over? | Sept 2021 Predictions

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We’ve been living in a crazy housing market for the past year. With 20%+ year over year growth, it may seem like home prices will continue to increase at a high rate forever, but this isn’t exactly the case. Dave Meyer, VP of Data and Analytics at BiggerPockets has brought in the newest statistics to give you a well-rounded forecast of what you can expect in the September housing market and beyond.

As of now, we’re still seeing an insane housing market, but less insane than it was before. Inventory is starting to crawl up, home appreciation has started to slow down, days on market is getting longer, and construction is starting to get back to normal. While this in no way signifies a crash or flipped housing market on the horizon, it does show that we may be going back to a normal (or a more normal) kind of growth.

What do you think will happen in the final four months of 2021? Do you predict something different? Let us know in the comments!

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