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We're proud to be sponsored by James Hardie, the global leaders in manufacturing fibre cement products. Be sure to check out their exciting range of products here:

Equipment Used:
Fakro LWK Loft Ladder 600 x 1200:

In this video Ollie gives you carpentry tips and tricks as he explains HOW TO FIT A LOFT LADDER. This is a diy loft ladder that will give you easy and convenient loft access at any time. This folding attic ladder is a fakro lwk komfort. To start this loft ladder installation Ollie measures to cut ceiling joists where the loft hatch will be located. Using a hilti reciprocating saw he shows how to cut a loft hatch opening in the right location and then proceeds to make the loft hatch frame to hold the folding loft ladder. Next he drops the wooden loft ladder in and during the loft ladder fitting he uses wooden wedges to level and straighten the ladder in place. So that is Ollie's guide on how to install folding attic stairs in a few simple steps.

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