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Haggai takes place nearly 70 years after the Babylonian exile. At this point, the Babylonian empire has collapsed, and God's people have returned to Jerusalem to begin rebuilding their city and their lives. Though the began rebuilding the temple, due to political pressure and discouragement, the construction was stopped. The people convinced themselves it wasn't the right time, and instead of rebuilding the house of the Lord, they began to build fancy houses for themselves.

Into this situation, God speaks through the prophet Haggai to call out their misplaced priorities and call them to return to the work He had originally called them to do. As the Bible Project puts it, the book of Haggai presents a challenge to all generations that our choices matter, and that our obedience is a part of how God works in the world - which should motivate our humility and action.

I'm so excited to be digging into a new Bible study series together! Comment down below letting me know your favorite verse or takeaway from Haggai chapter 1.

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