gfknewron "Decode the Future": The Impact of AI & Machine Learning in Business [Full Event]

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This event was live on September 7, 2021.
Learn how businesses are navigating the current changing environment. How they apply new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to address the latest challenges with knowledge provided by reliable data and business intelligence.

0:00:13 Meet Lindsay Herbert, author of the book "Digital Transformation” and Chief Innovation Officer @ IBM Garage. She is an innovation expert who helps major companies become adaptive to change by combining technologies, data, and new ways of working. In this event she describes the effect of the COVID pandemic in businesses and how they decided to navigate and adapt to new conditions. How did enterprises foresee changes and make decisions based on the available data, and how they leveraged on new technologies to revise course and succeed in the new environments.

0:06:00 Meet Peter Feld, CEO of GfK. Learn how the past years have revolutionized the available data to understand customers and markets. Find out how knowledge and data have been shaping the last few years in the economy and business and how COVID has propelled this changes in a transformational way. Learn how big data, data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence can provide you with a competitive advantage to adapt to the latest challenging situations. Find out more about the technologies and dynamic new approaches to data and intelligent automation, and how they empower your business to make better decisions, faster. Learn more about gfknewron – GfK’s predictive analytics platform – that gives you the ability to dig deeper and provides you with the needed tools to address changing times.

0:13:00 Meet Sean O’Neil, Chief Product Offices of GfK. Find out about gfknewron capabilities that will enable you to see which sales were conducted online or in-store, but also by different retail channels and generate models within the platform, that forecast the numerical units sold of your products by playing with price increases or reductions. With this simulation, you will be able to find out the total impact on sales due to price reductions or increases, as well as the total impact on your brand. Finally, you will be able to analyze competitors and how their product categories and models within the product category are performing against your products and models. Based on this data, gfknewron will propose to you the course of action to take based on predictive analytics and all of this provided at your fingertips within seconds making your decisions data driven and assertive.

0:30:36 Meet Shashi Seth, Senior Vice President of Oracle CX Marketing. What are the best practices to optimize your data? How to understand and fulfill the expectations of your customers? Can you predict increases on the demand or how your market behaves and fluctuates? How to capture and bring the relevant data together? How and when to communicate with your customers without overloading them? All these questions and more can be addressed with the right tools to manage and optimize your data, such as AI and Machine Learning, in order to provide your customers with the best experience possible.

0:47:10 Panel Discussion: Actionable Insights & Real World Solutions. Learn how business leaders are implementing real world solutions to current challenges with data driven decisions. Meet Christine Foster, CCO Alan Turing Institute, Christoph Auer-Welsbach co-founder of Kaizo, Warren Saunders president of global sales GfK, Franziska Divis go to market director Microsoft and Antony Cousins CEO of Factmata. They will be discussing diverse applications of data analytics, how they implemented, the feedback that these changes generate and the positive response to the improvements in their businesses from their customers.

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