Get to know us and Anneke / Q&A.Part 1

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This is the first from our Q&A videos, that we plan to post in between our renovation ones.
Please enjoy watching and I hope you will get some questions answered!

Big THANK YOU to all our patrons and supporters!

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00:00 Intro
02:03 Where do you come from and why did you move to Belgium?
02:42 How long have you been living in Belgium?
03:06 Can you talk fluently Dutch or is this about as good as your English?
05:35 Maybe speak some Dutch once in a while? or make a Dutch narrated channel for us?
07:23 How many languages do each of you speak?
09:21 Are you happy you moved to Belgium? How are your children adjusting?
12:28 Has Illia quit his job to do this full time?
12:46 How many hours a week are you able to give to the house?
13:27 Do you ever ask for help from friends or family?
14:03 Do you use someone's help or just make everything by yourself?
14:47 Where did you guys learn all those skills?
15:38 Will you make a video of something traditional you cook at home when the kitchen will be finished?
16:06 Who takes care of your kids when you're away for long to work on the house?
16:57 What are your childrens' thoughts on the farm?
18:19 Is the cat a pop in friend (stray)?
19:23 Did you know that Anneke was going to be the star of your channel?
20:44 Is your neighbor aware of how much time she spends with you?
21:01 Does cat inspector live at the farm?
22:48 Have you introduced Anneke to your cat? Do they get along?
23:18 Once you move in and if Anneke does so too, will your neighbour mind?
23:56 How is IIlia back doing lifting so much heavy all the time?
24:12 What Illia is listening to when doing tedious jobs?
25:29 I just wanna know the key to your endless energy???


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New Morning - Lindsey Abraham

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