FULL VIDEO: 135 days of cabin construction and project completion - CABIN Living Off Grid

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Full video: 135 days of cabin construction and project completion - CABIN Living Off Grid

Here is a full video of the process that I built the cabin and completed my immediate projects. I have chosen a reasonable place to build the cabin to suit my long-term projects, I need to have supporting tools such as shovel, saw, etc. to serve my work better. . To complete larger projects, I need tools such as grinders, drills, stone chisels.. so I can build projects on rock and my big projects. I hope you will support me to complete my projects.

1.Become a sponsor to help me on my journey through my Paypal account. My Paypal account:https://paypal.me/lanphuong202

2. You can also send personal belongings, protective gear or even essential household tools, if any, please contact me via email: sp.cabin058@gmail.com _Theo CABIN / Living Off Grid .

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