Ferrocement Cabin/Shelter in Slab City, CA- HOW TO BUILD IT

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Saw the start of a free form concrete ferrocement shelter while looking at art and cabins, tiny houses, and DIY homes in Slab City and East Jesus, CA, and while this one is far from finished, the idea is there. With lumber prices as they are now, and being a huge fan of building with scraps, reused materials and salvaged goods (free!), I thought this might be something of interest that one could take to the next level. But how would you build such a cabin? Well, tiny house, homesteading, off grid living, and shed fans- we explain how right in this video, in live illustrative fashion. Ferrocement, or "sculpted cement" on forms or built armatures really isn't all that difficult, but it requires some planning, and well, a good deal of time. The results can be amazing though- such as with the snail house and snake house (javier senosiain's nido de quetzalcoatl (quetzalcoatl's nest))- great examples of sculpted concrete work in the shelter or housing form. We're starting to see more ferrocement housing in the media and even showcased in places like HGTV television, on tiny house websites, in books, and in airbnb rentals- especially desert climate ones. It'll be interesting to see where this form of alternative building winds up down the road. (For fans of dome homes and dome house construction, buckminster fuller, the futuro house, Drop City, and Lloyd Kahn's book Shelter)

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