EP 17: Fitting Front Post & Failure

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In this video, I give a bit more detail on fitting the big centre posts in my post and beam log cabin. I also explain why I think failure is so important and necessary.

The big screws
U2 Fasteners

U2 Fasteners S-20-106000-B Construction Screw 5/16x6-inch, Quantity(300), 5/16 x 6
https://amzn.to/3keA03Z (note there are all different sizes, look into what's best for your needs)

Hand saw: Gyokucho Razorsaw

Chain Hoist


DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Combo Kit

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Growing on a farm in the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada I got my fill of manual labour and I couldn't wait to get to the big city and get an easy city slicker job. I sure made the most of those years but something was calling me back to a simpler life. So in 2013 we moved from the big city and bought a little cabin in the woods as our permanent home. This decision really changed the course of our life. Living along a flowing river full of trout, surrounded by a canopy of the old-growth forest has taught us the values of living within nature. But, like all good things you always want more. For now, we intend to keep this little slice of heaven but are looking to set up another home base a little further north.

Since we’re looking for land that has both a freshwater source and plenty of acres to explore, protect, and manage, we’re expecting to have to pay a fair fee and know we’ll need to put most of our financial resources into the land itself. We also want to design a life that allows us to live a debt-free life to avoid financial stress and worry that often prevents people from properly considering environmental factors in their home building decisions. When even the cheapest mass-produced house is beyond the reach of most, concerns about quality and environment are often pushed aside. This project is going to explore traditional building methods that have environmental concerns at the forefront.

Although it is a little disturbing to see how many trees it takes to make a small cabin I know they have been sustainably harvested from a planted woodlot and I feel so fortunate that my cabin project won’t contribute to the deforestation of the old growth of the great Canadian wildness that I love exploring. All the trees we are using were planted around the 1980s. At the rate of tree growth, and the size of the woodlot, if managed properly there would be trees for many many generations of cabin builders. My goal is to self harvest 100% of the logs used in this cabin not only reducing deforestation but also reducing environmental impact with the reduced transportation costs, and manufacturing of synthetic materials.

The cabin has been designed in a way that it can be completely dismantled and transported. While we build we are looking for the perfect piece of land to move our cabin.

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