Bitcoin Price STRONG SURGE TO 115k - Harry S. Dent JR

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Bitcoin Price Will Have ANOTHER STRONG SURGE TO 115k - Harry S. Dent JR

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Massive Stimulus is Affecting All Sectors of the Economy

Harry S. Dent JR., a best-selling author and newsletter writer discusses the negative effects of excessive stimulus on the U.S. economy, especially on home prices. He also touches on Bitcoin's perceived status as a safe haven.
Here are some of the highlights of the video:

Excessive stimulus pushes the economy to an overstretched limit. The prices of the housing sector have skyrocketed. Now, the median price of a home is $394,000, compared to the 2006 price of $198,000, as against the 90s when the average price of a home was $130,000.

Housing prices adjusted for inflation are between 50% and 50% higher in real terms than they were at the top of the last bubble.

Stock markets can go almost as much as they want before they get extremely overvalued, but housing is a real thing people have to buy.

The surge in home prices since the mid-last year has been the strongest in several years. This explosion is one of the hidden factors slowing down the economy after it's overstretched.

The stock market is at its all-time high courtesy of the stimulus not because the economy is strong.

Bitcoin has just completed another four-year cycle run and it is not overvalued at $65,000, judging from all key indicators. Twice in history, Bitcoin had a bubble run. The first bubble occurred in mid-2017 when it rose from $3,000 to $20,000 and it got overvalued then. But in late 2010, it got undervalued.

Some of the best forecasts for Bitcoin include $100,000, $115,000, and more and these are examples of a bubble. Now, Bitcoin has been ranging after crashing from $65k to $29k recently. But if it can break above $42k, there is a high chance that it will soar. Now that housing is slowing, Bitcoin could have another surge.

There's a mistaken assumption that Bitcoin is the new safe haven, even more than gold. This is possible if the stock starts to crash, so Bitcoin might make an early stage run. But that's not the most likely scenario because stocks go up modestly while Bitcoin has a final wild.

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