Astellia Online | New MMORPG 2019

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Showing off some Astellia Online gameplay, a new mmorpg being released in 2019, as well as thoughts after having playing the Korean version.

Astellia is a very interesting release because as an MMORPG it has the same appeal as last year's trainwreck of Bless Online - which is something that is separate to the game itself.

Astellia is being published by Barunson E&A and has been said to be coming here as a buy to play MMORPG as well as trying to avoid the pay to win pitfalls other games have had.

I played the game up until the level cap but my account has since been banned so I unfortunately won't be able to get back in and get more footage to show different things off. If you have questions about this Astellia MMORPG, ask in the comments and I'll try to answer what I can.


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Screenshot of summoning one of the Astels in Astellia

3 tracks from the Astellia soundtrack

Онлайн игры

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