A Solar Shower For Our Off Grid Living Setup - Portugal Property Renovation - Ep 033

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One thing that's been challenging about living off grid in a tent is the lack of hot running water. We've been living in a Sibley bell tent for three months while we've been renovating our Portuguese farm house. And so far we've been making do with buckets of kettle boiled water and a hose pipe to wash ourselves and our dishes. But (hopefully) that will all change after we complete this project: the solar shower.

We bought the shower from Amazon Spain for €160 EUR and also picked up some plumbing parts from a local shop here in Portugal (for €9 EUR). Everything else we use in this project we either had already (eg. screws and some left over timber from stud wall framing) or was reclaimed or recycled from things we inherited when we bought the farm. As usual, there's some known challenges and some in the moment problem solving required so stay tuned and see how we get on...

The solar shower we bought (now priced at €180) - CCLIFE Garden Shower 35L https://www.amazon.es/-/pt/gp/product/B08W53W7VQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00

Here's a list of other tools and other products that we use and love:

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