3D building a house on a construction printer

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3D house construction construction company 3D construction printer builds a wonderful 3d domed house: https://www.youtube.com/c/3DCPprinthouse?sub_confirmation=1 today we are participating in an experiment whose main task is to insulate a domed house using closed cell polyurethane foam and pouring polyurethane foam into the inter-wall gap. Today we have on the street - 7 degrees Celsius.

00:32 why exactly domed houses, what attracts you to them?
01:01 pouring polyurethane foam using high-pressure equipment of the Interskol 5 h200 brand, using heated hoses, electricity 380 volts, power 15 kilowatts.
02:35 which of the insulation works better: open-cell polyurethane foam or closed-cell polyurethane foam or polystyrene?
02:56 about the construction of this house, starting from the foundation, what does it consist of in stages?
03:41 how safe is the house and how safe is it to live in?
04:18 the house is currently unfinished. How to cover it, protect it, make some kind of waterproofing?
05:02 how long is it possible to build such a house if we do not take the interior decoration to assemble the frame of this house?
05:38 How did you choose the insulation for this house?
06:26 Aren't you afraid that the walls will rot, that the walls won't breathe for polyurethane foam, and is there any kind of ventilation system planned?
07:12 so far there is not a single window in the house, what is the reason for this and are windows planned here?
08:25 Approximately how much money will be needed for heating per month in a cold winter?
09:33 who is this house for, who is the target audience and why will they decide to build such a house for themselves?
10:52 how much will such a house cost in 2022?
11:27 when will we be able to see the final version of this house when will it be possible to come here to see it, I understand it will be something like that showroom?

What is included in the mixture: https://youtu.be/_UistiKmA6M
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3D building a house on a construction printer

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